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ONE Cancer Care for Pets

For Owners

ONE Cancer Care for Pets is a network of the best veterinary oncology specialists in Australia collaborating with each other, the primary care veterinary community and patient owners to provide the highest standard of oncological care for pets with cancer.

  • We know that your pet is a member of your family, and receiving a cancer diagnosis can be very difficult.

  • We want you to know that there is hope.

  • We want to make it as easy as possible for you to access experts with the best current knowledge, and access to state of the art technology and techniques, and to know that you are giving your pet the best chance of a comfortable and happy life.
  • Your local vet, who has been caring for your loved pet through their life, can connect you with the team of cancer specialists with just one referral.

  • We want to work with you and your regular vet to provide you with all the care and expertise you need to make the most appropriate decision that works for you, your family and your pet.

  • We are here to help.
For Owners

What to expect

While no two cases are the same, here is some information as a pet owner on what you can expect, how the referral & treatment processes work as well as frequently asked questions.

Hear from fellow pet owner Lisa on her experience with ONE, after her beloved staffy Gorgio was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Early detection and treatment of cancer is critical to achieving best possible outcomes for any cancer patient. As such being vigilant and being able to recognize potential signs of cancer in your pet is crucial.

Some common signs that could indicate cancer include:

  • the development of any new lump or changes in any previously noted lump
  • swollen lymph nodes under the jaw
  • behind the knee or in the groin region
  • a distended abdomen
  • weight loss
  • vomiting and/or diarrhoea
  • decreased appetite
  • straining to urinate or defecate
  • any abnormal discharge in urine or stool
  • lethargy
  • pain in ambulating or difficulty getting comfortable
  • a bad odor from the mouth
  • coughing or any difficulty breathing

Some cancers can be present with no clearly obvious signs and as you know your pet better than anyone else, we encourage you to look into any changes out of the ordinary and which may have you concerned.

Frequently asked questions

What are the common symptoms of cancer in pets?2023-04-10T21:05:39+10:00

Early detection and treatment of cancer is critical to achieving best possible outcomes for any cancer patient. As such being vigilant and being able to recognize potential signs of cancer in your pet is crucial. Some common signs that could indicate cancer include the development of any new lump or changes in any previously noted lump, swollen lymph nodes under the jaw, behind the knee or in the groin region, a distended abdomen, weight loss, vomiting and/or diarrhoea, decreased appetite, straining to urinate or defecate, any abnormal discharge in urine or stool, lethargy, pain in ambulating or difficulty getting comfortable, a bad odor from the mouth, coughing or any difficulty breathing. Some cancers can be present with no clearly obvious signs and as you know your pet better than anyone else, we encourage you to look into any changes out of the ordinary and which may have you concerned.

Is my pet’s cancer treatable?2023-04-10T21:05:51+10:00

Whilst not all cancer conditions are curable, all cancer is treatable with significant extension of longevity possible in many instances. However, it must be stressed that at ONE we do not pursue longevity at the expense of your pet’s quality of life. It is very important that the treatments we offer are not worse than the disease itself. There are many variables involved in determining an optimal care plan for an individual cancer patient. We will present all viable options and help you arrive at the best diagnostic and treatment plan for your pet and your individual family circumstances.

Where do I turn to?2023-04-10T21:06:06+10:00

Usually, a preliminary diagnosis will be made by your trusted family veterinarian. They will be able to provide you with several initial options including referral for an expert analysis. If further diagnostics and treatment are feasible and desired by you then this step should be followed up on as soon as possible. Your pet deserves the ultimate in care for a best possible outcome but even when no definitive therapy is pursued, obtaining the most up to date and current options for your pet is an empowering experience that will assist you to make the best decision.

Hope starts with ONE2023-04-10T21:06:22+10:00

Meeting with one of our specialist oncologists at one of our convenient locations is the first step in making sense of the traumatic diagnosis you have received and in understanding the journey ahead. There are many new approaches to cancer care for pets that can achieve longevity and improved quality of life without many of the negative effects experienced in people. With our expert care and cutting-edge resources, you have more reason to hope now than ever before. Ask your family veterinarian to reach out to us and schedule a consult or feel free to contact us directly. We will endeavour to see you and your pet as soon as possible following diagnosis.

Which location do I visit for ONE treatment?2023-06-05T17:59:22+10:00

ONE operates out of 4 locations. We will work with you or you referring vet to determine which site would be most suitable for the treatment of your pet.

Real results

Hear what other pet owners think of ONE

It has taken me a month to finally be satisfied with my review of ONE Cancer Care for Pets.

On June 12th, my family and I witnessed our little rescue baby experience a really strong seizure. This was something I had heard of, read of but never in my wildest dreams did I ever think my nearly 8-year-old baby Sambuca, would ever experience. We rushed her to an emergency vet, who explained all the possibilities but was unable to provide us with a definitive diagnosis without further tests. The next day we experienced cluster seizures and took her to our regular vet, Castle Hill Veterinary Clinic. The vet suggested monitoring Sambuca overnight, but at a hospital where there will be supervision and suggested for us to take her to North Shore Veterinary clinic, and also suggested for us to look into Dr. David Lurie.

That moment, we took her straight to North Shore and found out that Castle Hill Veterinary Clinic had already forwarded all their notes over. North Shore Veterinary Clinic monitored Sambuca overnight whilst administering her medications and were hopeful of her displayed symptoms showing as epilepsy. We decided to get an MRI to allow us to treat the possible cause effectively and with more certainty. It was that day, that I received a call advising me of an oncologist who was on-site at the clinic and had located a brain tumour in my baby’s brain which was inoperable. Curiosity got me and I asked for the name of the doctor, it was Dr David Lurie. My heart immediately felt at ease.

Now, starts my review and my experience of this amazing human being and his super sensational team. This team feels like family. Dr Lurie, to me, is Godsent. Dr Lurie is always available to talk. The scan was performed on a Thursday and by Saturday, we were get go for radiation therapy that Monday. Dr Lurie gave me and my husband all the time on a phone call on Saturday morning. He didn’t rush us off the phone, he was patient with all our questions, he answered and gave us more information regarding the treatment than what we had even asked for. Dr Lurie’s practice manager, Deanna, another sensational person. Deanna is certainly the glue that keeps this team together and grounded. This amazing being, always responds to all my texts, always answers my calls, no matter the time of day. Gosh! I don’t know what good I have done in this lifetime to meet such people. Lucky me! Lucky Sambuca!

Sambuca has had 2 breakthrough seizures since the treatment, one was a Saturday night/Sunday morning. All I had to do was make Deanna aware, and the next thing, Dr Lurie was on the phone to my husband and me on a Sunday morning. The medication had just been altered, and a breakthrough seizure, although may have been expected, it was certainly not a nice experience at all. The empathy this team shares with their patients and families, is just incredible.

Then comes Dr Pauline. What do I say? Sweetest, most down to earth addition to such a fantastic team. After the second seizure, Dr Pauline, Dr Lurie, and Deanna discussed next steps. Dr Pauline spoke with me at great lengths, shared my pain with me, listened to me and asked me to cuddle Sambuca for her. Again, not once, did Dr Pauline rush me off the phone, she explained the various medication options, the need for a blood test and detailed potential next steps.

Come what may, I am confident that this team is trying its best, and I know Sambuca is in great hands. I could not have asked for more.

Sensational. Fantastic. Kind. Fabulous. Gentle. Understanding. Relatable.

Sabeena, David and Sambucca

“In May 2021 after some initial scans our little Jack Russell “Toby” was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

From the outset David explained Toby’s diagnosis & the treatment options not only in simple understandable terms but most off all with incredible empathy. David’s honest and patient approach made our decision to undertake radiotherapy treatment so comfortable. The feeling of confidence that the team inspired kept us calm & optimistic.

David & his entire team took such amazing care of Toby (and us) throughout his treatment. Due to Covid we could not be with him whilst he was being treated but thanks to their kindness & professionalism, we felt comfortable leaving him in their hands every day.

Throughout Toby’s treatment with his personalised approach David kept us updated on his progress and continued to reassure us. Over two years on our little fella is still going strong and is heading towards his 18th birthday – every day is a blessing.

A heartfelt thanks to David and all the team.”

Brian, Sharon & Toby Porter

“As soon as we met Deanna, David and Pauline we knew our Daisy was in safe hands. It had not been easy deciding whether to take the trip from Melbourne to Sydney with a dog that does not like car travel and was also unwell. However, once we met the One Cancer Care for Pets team, and had the treatment explained, we knew we had made the right decision – Daisy was going to receive the best available treatment. Daisy has responded well and hopefully will continue to do so – she now has quality of life back. We cannot thank everyone at One Cancer Care for Pets enough for looking after Daisy and providing the level of professional treatment and personal care that made a difficult time so much easier.”

Russell, Ann & Daisy Hutchins

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