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ONE Cancer Care for Pets

For Vets

ONE Cancer Care for Pets is a network of the best veterinary oncology specialists in Australia collaborating with each other, the primary care veterinary community and patient owners to provide the highest standard of oncological care for pets with cancer.

We give you the power to provide your patients with the best chance in their fight against cancer by:

  • Fostering a partnership where we work with you and your patients’ owner to develop the best treatment plan;
  • Making it easier for you as a vet to connect with the right oncology specialist with just one referral,
  • Providing the highest standard of care by bringing together the most experienced specialists and the most innovative treatment methods, and
  • Continuing to work alongside you, provide continuing education and guidance as together we support your patients and those that love them as a collaborative team.

Frequently asked questions

How to refer cases2023-06-08T14:05:30+10:00

If you prefer you can call us directly to discuss a case or have us reach out to your pet owner directly.

Phone: (02) 7252 1411

Do you have case studies?2023-06-05T18:11:08+10:00

We have a series of case studies that can be found here

Which location do I refer to?2023-06-08T13:45:44+10:00

ONE operates out of 4 locations. We will work with you to determine which site would be most suitable for the treatment of your patient.

Find your closest location here.

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