Comprehensive cancer care

The oncology network for excellence (ONE) was founded with the simple goal of increasing access to the highest standard of veterinary cancer care for pets. Our team is comprised of passionate professionals dedicated to delivering the best possible outcomes for your beloved pet whilst empowering you to make the best decisions for their individualized treatment plan.

Cancer treatment for your pet is often a scary thought. Most people have had some experience with it through family members who have been affected by the cancer scourge. The ONE philosophy in treating pets with cancer is quality of life, first. Whilst there is no completely benign cancer therapy, our treatment regimens are designed to maximize efficacy without significantly impacting overall quality of life. Part of the fear around cancer therapy is not understanding the treatment procedures and goals and we are here to guide you through the process. Some helpful information on cancer therapy is provided below.

At ONE, we understand that a cancer diagnosis in your pet can be devastating news and we will bring together our considerable resources within the cancer care field to educate you on the options available and to help you select and provide the optimal care for your pet. Cancer care in pets is a dynamic and rapidly advancing field and our experience shows that working with an integrated network of health professionals all focused on one goal, the best possible outcome for your pet, provides the optimal environment for success. This starts with your trusted family general practice vet whose invaluable role we seek to augment by increasing and simplifying access to advanced diagnostics and treatment options. Exciting technological advancements have enabled us to harness not only the best equipment available but also some of the leading specialists across the country within the fields of surgical, medical and radiation oncology. At ONE, no stone will be left unturned.

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